Edinburgh Dog Photographer - Fred and Martha

I’m blessed to have my studio and all that it allows me to create, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to work in the great outdoors with natures own lighting and backdrops. I’m a country girl at heart, it’s one of the reasons I moved to the lovely town of Peebles with my family. So to have an amazing outdoor studio, literally on the doorstop of the actual studio is pretty special.

David and Moyra brought their two babies Fred and Martha along, it was a last minute decision to step out and do an outdoor shoot as they were still unsure which way to go when they arrived. But thankfully we had the sunshine on our side and so we took the 2 minute walk out of the studio door to the beautiful Gypsy Glen just behind the studio.

With plenty of spots to choose from, we also had a nice walk and paddle with the dogs whilst we were at it too. A perfect Monday morning in my book.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 7.jpg
FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 3.jpg
FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 2.jpg
FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 15.jpg
FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 17.jpg
FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 18.jpg
FredandMartha_FetchandFlash_EdinburghDogPhotographer 19.jpg

Fred and Martha had their leads for the majority of the shoot, until they settled in their new environment and owners David and Moyra felt happy to let them roam. The safety of your dog and your piece of mind is more important than any photo ever will be!!

As you can see they were pretty relaxed about the whole thing………for everything else theres photoshop!