Scottish Dog Photographer - MPA Finalist!

So I’ve been off on a little holiday in the Andes of Chile. What a fantastic experience and I met one or two pretty cool dogs along the way too actually.

I had some great news when I got back waiting in my inbox. I’m a finalist in the Master Photographers Associations 2019 Scottish Region awards. I’ve just joined the association and the monthly critiques are already driving my work forward just as I had hoped they would. I’ve already reached the ‘certified’ status having submitted all my business plans and relevant insurances to prove my business is being run to a high standard and that you fabulous people can totally trust me. Soon I will be submitting to get the artistic tick in the box too to become a Licentiate of the association.

2019 Scottish MPA Finalist.jpeg

I think as a photographer you stand on the strength of your portfolio. What are you capable of producing right now and consistently for your clients. You don’t need any official qualifications to prove this, so many great working photographers are self taught, but for me having the membership and qualification structure to work to is crucial to my business going forward. I want to keep improving and having the best in the business to help me do that can only be a huge benefit in my eyes!

One of 6 images I have in the finals - eeekkkkk!

One of 6 images I have in the finals - eeekkkkk!

So I’ve got my final images printed and on the way in a rush with the deadline approaching fast after my holiday and I’m hoping for some success on awards night. Wish me luck!!