My dog is pretty excitable, does that matter?


I get this question quite a lot and it’s most owners biggest concern about booking a session. Does it matter if your dogs not a national recall champion? The short answer is no it doesn't. I’m not going to deny that it helps a lot if your dog has a good grasp of sit and stay but I have seen even the best trained dogs get a bit excited by the studio, it is after all a slightly strange thing to ask of a dog. With patience and perseverance we will get good results and the sessions are not on the clock so there is no problems there. If you are really concerned about your dogs behaviour get in touch for a chat and we can talk over how best to approach it.

Studio or Outdoors? I CAN’T decide!

The obvious way to solve this problem is to book both! The booking fee is £125 and the sessions can take place all together or on separate days. I have lots of lovely green space around the studio so we can easily do the studio portion of the session and then head out for walks and do the rest. You can have a colourful headshot for your wall and a book or print collection to look through of your outdoor shoot for example. If you only want to do one or the other it can be hard to decide! It’s very much a personal preference but if your looking for one piece of killer contemporary artwork that features your dog then the studio is probably your best bet. If you would like a larger collection of images which shows your dog getting up to all sorts then an outdoor location shoot is probably more your cup of tea.


How long does a session take?

There are no time limits to either the studio or location sessions. An average studio session is around 45mins and outdoors probably closer to an hour. However, it does vary depending on the dog and what you hope to achieve from your session. If your looking for one image and you know what colour background you want I can work pretty quickly but if your keen for as much variety as possible then that’s also totally fine we will spend as long as it takes to settle your dog and get what you want.

How much does a session cost?

The session booking fee, studio or outdoors, is £75 and this also gives you £25 to spend in your ordering session. If you can’t decide between the studio and outdoors then we can combine the two for a booking fee of £125. There is plenty of green space around my studio and lots of locations to choose from within a very short distance of it. Wall art and display products start at £250 and are of a superbly high archival quality, displaying your images to bring you pleasure for years to come.

Are you available weekends and evenings?

Yes sure, my two primary shooting days are Monday and Wednesday but I can arrange pretty much anytime to suit you. In fact in the summer I will positively encourage an evening shoot for the beautiful light if we are outdoors or the cooler studio if we are indoors.

Can I just have the digital files?

I will give you a selection of watermarked social media sized files with every session that will allow you to show your dog off to friends and family on facebook or instagram. Hi-Res digital files are not available as individual purchases at the ordering session. The main reason for this is that I’m a huge believer in printing your images rather then leaving them lonely and forgotten on a USB. Even those of us with the best of intentions (me included) run out of time and motivation to order and sort our photos, let me do it for you! I will give you the matching digital files to any artwork you buy and if you spend over £300 you will also get the full digital collection from your shoot.


What about the weather?

Yep it’s Scotland, sometimes it rains. If you’ve booked an outdoor shoot and the weather has it’s sad face on there are options. We can reschedule, there’s no time limits to this if it takes us 6 months to get a day when we are both available and the sun is shining then that’s fine. Nobody including me wants to do photos in the wind and rain! If your keen to just get on then you can swap your outdoor session to a studio session at no extra cost and at very short notice.

Can humans join in?

Yes absolutely! Just you and your dog or I’m happy to combine a family and pet session all together in one if that is what you would like. Booking fees remain the same.