Hi I’m Cat Topham, local pet photographer. (That’s not me in the photo, that’s Fred)

I’ve always been a fan of the carrot cake at the Tontine, I can’t hide it I had to stop visiting whilst I was on maternity leave!! So when the opportunity to work with the hotel, who share my love of dogs and all animals, I jumped at it. Kate one half of the hotels ownership hosted myself and another local doggy company for a photoshoot and we got chatting. Firstly about her dog Kali who I immediately invited for a photo shoot and just what we could do for each other, specifically what I could do for her customers and their dogs.

I’m really pleased to be able to offer Tontine customers the opportunity to have a dog photo shoot whilst they are on holiday here in the beautiful Borders and have the images printed as Wall Art at discounted rates.

But why should I take time out my holiday?

A really good question.

Why should you take an hour out of your holiday time to capture your pet? We all have busy lives and finding time to record the important things often takes a back seat. Your relationship with your pet is one of those things that doesn’t last long enough. There’s no better time than when you are relaxed and spending time together to capture that. You can also take advantage of the fantastic scenery we have here in the Borders to make it more than just a picture of your pet, it’s also a holiday memory. (You could even get in the photo yourself!)

I’ve put together 3 packages with a choice of two of my most popular artwork choices, so you can hang your dog and holiday memories on the wall for years to come. What do you do with a digital file anyway?

A bit about Cat and Fetch and Flash.

Fetch and Flash is the name of my pet photography studio based here in the beautiful town of Peebles. I offer both studio based and location pet photography and specialise in producing wall art from those images. The studio itself is a 5 minute drive or 30 minute walk from the Tontine Hotel. I’m qualified through the Master Photographers Association and my images have been placed in multiple competitions, notably the Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year 2019, the largest dog photography competition in the world.

Your shoot will be relaxed and informal, centred around your dog and making sure we get the best from them. I aim to capture their personality for you to remember. You are of course totally welcome to join in, I’m very happy and comfortable photographing the two legged also! Theres a bit more about Cat over on the about page of the website.


You can choose from the following packages:

The Big One - £220

  • 45 minute photography session

  • 24 x 16 Birch Block or Astral Wall Art (Normally £275)

  • All the digital files available to download from your gallery

The Middle One - £170

  • 45 minute photography session

  • 12 x 12 Birch Block or Astral Wall Art (Normally £250)

  • A choice of 2 digital files to download from you gallery

The Basic One - £55

  • 45 minute photography session

  • 1 watermarked social media file to download

  • An online gallery to purchase your choice of prints and products. (A minimum spend of £150 will apply)


My dog won’t stay still, will I get a good portrait?

It is more than possible to get a good portrait of almost any dog, even if they are a bit lively. They do not need to be perfectly trained. If they have a good grasp of the basics of sit and stay then that will certainly help, but its not completely essential. If they are responsive to treats, toys and chats from mum and dad then we are normally fine. There is no need for your dog to even come off the lead if you feel your dog would be safer and you would be more comfortable that way, then I am able to remove collars and leads in photoshop after I have taken the photos. If you are really concerned about your dogs behaviour then get in touch direct before you book and we can have a chat and see if I think these slightly shorter sessions are going to work for you.

When will I see the photos and how long will my artwork take to arrive?

The photos will be live to view about 7 days after your shoot. You will then have 2 weeks to choose your favourite image to get printed for your artwork. Artwork normally arrives with you about 10 days after order.

What happens if the weather is really bad on the day and I want an outdoor shoot?

If this happens I will reschedule to another day or you can have studio shoot. If we can’t fit it in whilst you’re on holiday you can leave the ‘cash in the bank’ so to speak for another visit or get a full refund.

What happens if I can’t attend on the day?

If you can’t make it on the day you can choose to reschedule or have a partial refund, I will retain a £35 admin fee.

Honestly, I think this seems pricey. I’ve seen photography experiences for much less elsewhere.

A cheap upfront fee of £15 or £20 may seem attractive in the short term but it relies on charging you a lot of money for prints and products after the shoot. I much prefer to ask you to invest in a product upfront and be assured of what you are getting. Of course I’d love it if you want to spend more money with me but you should feel no pressure to do so. Both my photography and products of the highest professional quality which will bring you pleasure for many years to come.

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