I’m really pleased to be able to offer guests of the Tontine Hotel a discounted studio or location photo shoot.

Hi I’m Cat Topham, local pet photographer.


I’ve always been a fan of the carrot cake at the Tontine, I can’t hide it I had to stop visiting whilst I was on maternity leave!! So when the opportunity to work with the hotel, who share my love of dogs and all animals, I jumped at it. Kate one half of the hotels ownership hosted myself and another local doggy company for a photoshoot and we got chatting. Firstly about her dog Kali who I immediately invited for a photo shoot and just what we could do for each other, specifically what I could do for her customers and their dogs. I’m really pleased to be able to offer that in the form of a discounted photo shoot!

But WHY Cat? A really good question! Why should you take an hour out of your holiday time to capture your pet? We all have busy lives and finding time to record the important things often takes a back seat. Your relationship with your pet is one of those things that doesn’t last long enough. There’s no better time than when you are relaxed and spending time together to capture that. You can also take advantage of the fantastic scenery we have here in the Borders to make it more than just a picture of your pet, it’s also a holiday memory. (You could even get in the photo yourself!)

So How does it work? 

For a booking fee of £35 you can choose between a location or a studio shoot. My Studio is in Peebles, about a 5 minute drive or 25 minute walk from the hotel. Location shoots can take place in Peebles or we can go explore the wider Scottish Borders and all that it has to offer. The shoots normally take about an hour, but there is no strict time limits. It’s about creating some artwork for you so if it takes a bit longer that’s fine!

I then convert your £35 booking fee into credit for your online gallery, which I will create for you. You can then view your images in the comfort of your own home once you have finished your holiday. There’s a shop in that gallery for you to order prints, canvas and a wealth of printed products which will arrive directly at your door.


A few questions I often get asked

  • Can I buy just one digital file? Yes! You can buy digital files but I’m a huge believer in printing your images. So I will give you a couple of your images as low resolution digital files to share as a complimentary part of your shoot so you can spend your money on high quality artwork for your home.

  • How long will it take for my gallery to be ready? I hope to have your gallery ready in under 2 weeks but this could be a little longer at busy times.

  • How much does the Art Work cost? I only supply high quality, archival and professionally printed Art Work. I don’t believe in lower quality, cheap and volume business strategies. I want you to print your images and enjoy them for years to come. My artwork starts at £200.

  • Can I view some sample Art Work? I have lots of samples here at the studio for you to view. Your welcome to come and look. There will also be example images in your gallery. I’m also available for questions whilst your at home deciding what to print.

  • Can I be in the photo? YES YES YES! I love it when owners get involved!

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